"Updox Video Chat allows our practice to offer secure communications with our patients. During this COVID-19 crisis, using telehealth is a critical channel for physicians to care for patients while minimizing risk to themselves and others and protecting the community."

    Anish Koka, MD, Koka Cardiology

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    No additional download or equipment for patient + clinician

    “I’m really pleased with how well Updox Video Chat works. It’s user-friendly with no required hardware or downloads. I’m excited about the way it allows me to connect with patients and colleagues.”

    —Brian Nyberg, MD

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    Works anywhere, on any device

    “Video Chat has been really well received by patients. They don’t have to miss work or rearrange a schedule for an appointment. We can connect easily via their phone. It lets me be helpful to my patients while they are living their lives.”

    —William Cromwell, MD, Lipoprotein and Metabolic Disorders Institute

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    Remote, secure patient communication

    “Updox Video Chat is incredibly user-friendly. There’s nothing to download and it’s easy to use. I just need a cell phone number and, from there, I can text anyone a link. They click that and we’re able to securely video chat. It’s that simple.”

    —Andrew Barbash, MD

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